• The Osceola Certification Office serves as a liaison between Osceola District Schools and the Florida Department of Education to ensure compliance with Florida statutes and rules relative to educator certification.

Career Changers - How to Become a Teacher

  • The district offers a “How to Become a Teacher” workshop for individuals who have a bachelor’s degree, but not in education, and are considering becoming a teacher. To register to attend this session, please contact the Human Resources Department at 407-870-4800.

    Additional information about the Florida certification process can be found at the links below.

Out-of-Field Teachers - as of January 23, 2024

  • Please click here for a list of the district out-of-field teachers as of January 23, 2024. This list is available as a requirement of Florida House Bill 7029. This bill can be viewed at:  http://laws.flrules.org/2016/237

    The term “out-of-field” refers to teachers who hold certification in a different area than they are teaching. All of the teachers included on this list are working towards completing the requirements to become certified in the appropriate area.

    Teachers who are out-of-field in only ESOL or Gifted are certified in the core subject that is being taught, but are required to complete specific courses in order to provide instruction to students who are English Language Learners or identified as being Gifted.