• Per School Board Policy 5.80 Item III

    In the event a fine is imposed by the FHSAA on any school, coach, assistant coach or district employee, student athlete, or school athletic booster club member, no District funds, including internal accounts, shall be used to pay the fine with out requiring reimbursement from the responsible person(s)

    FHSAA Policy imposes fines after a pre-determined number of student athlete suspensions and incidents of unsportsmanlike conduct per school. Responsible student athletes shall be levied a fine for each offense, regardless of an FHSAA imposed fine, as follows:

    a. Level 1 Offense $100.00
    b. Level 2 Offense $250.00

    When the school receives notification from the FHSAA of an imposed fine or student suspension, a fine shall be payable to the school immediately by the responsible person(s). Payments of fines shall be placed in a special internal account designated exclusively for the payment of FHSAA fines. The school shall pay any levied fines imposed by the FHSAA from the specially designated accounts within thirty (30) days of notification and seek reimbursement from the responsible parties. At the close of the fiscal year and after all imposed fines have been paid to the FHSAA, monies remaining in the account shall be transferred to the Athletic General Account for program support.