High School - Good Cause Procedures

  • Good Cause Procedures, Athletics – Eligibility standards for extracurricular activities 2023/24

    1.) A student not currently suspended from interscholastic or intrascholastic extracurricular activities, or suspended or expelled from school, pursuant to a district school board’s suspension or expulsion power provided in law, including ss.1006.07, 1006.08 and 1006.09, is eligible to participate in interscholastic and intrascholastic extracurricular activities. (Per s.1006.195)

    2.) All student athletes are to complete and submit the required online athletic packet prior to participating, in any capacity, in school interscholastic or intrascholastic extracurricular activities.

    3.) A student’s eligibility to participate in any interscholastic or intrascholastic extracurricular activity may not be affected by an alleged recruiting violation until final disposition of the allegation pursuant to s.1006.20 (2)(b). (Per s.1006.195)

    4.)  Falsification of any required documents shall result in loss of athletic eligibility for 365 days upon confirmation
      that documents submitted were falsified.

    5.) Student discipline violations will be in accordance with the district’s Code of Student Conduct.

    6.) Current FHSAA Bylaws and Policies will be followed and adhered to for athletic eligibility.

    7.) Non-Traditional students shall participate, in athletics, at the following locations -
                      1.) Home Education                      Zoned Public School, Charter or Private school (if allowed) or if they attend a minimum of 1 class period, per day, at the choice school for the entire academic school year.
                      2.) Charter School                         Zoned Public School, Charter or Private school (if allowed)
                      3.) Special School                         Any Public School within Osceola County
                      4.) Non-Member Private               Any Public school, charter or Private school (if allowed)
                      5.) FLVS Full time                        Zoned Public School, Charter or Private school (if allowed)
                      6.) Traditional Public                    Any Public School within Osceola County or Private school (if allowed)
                      7.) Public Transfer                        If the student participated in a sport at their previous school, the student could continue to participate in that sport at that school for the remainder of the school year.

    8.) Any student athlete is subject to show continued evidence of “Residence Verification” if requested by school personnel.

    9.) A student may not participate in a sport if the student participated in that same sport at another school during that school year, unless the students meet the criteria in s.1006.15 (3)(h). (Per s.1006.195). Participation is defined as the first day of the sport season as posted by the Florida High School Athletic Association. (FHSAA) - * Exception to the rule
                      * A student may transfer and participate in a sport (mid-season) even if they participated at another school if they  
          meet one of the following criteria (a-f): Item (g) student(s) shall be ruled ineligible but have the right to appeal.
                      a. Children of active duty military whose move resulted from military orders
                      b. Children relocated due to foster care placement.
                      c. Children who move due to a court-ordered change in custody due to separation, divorce, or
                           serious illness or death of a custodial parent.
                      d. Authorized for good cause in district and or reassignment by District School Board.
                      e. Student(s) who apply for School of Choice prior to the start of the fall FHSAA athletic season, as listed on the FHSAA website, and are accepted within the first twenty (20) days of the start of the school year shall be eligible for athletic participation.
                      f. A student who transfers schools, prior to the start of the official spring football approved start date, will be automatically eligible for spring football even if they participated in fall football at their previous school.
                      g. Student(s) who transfer schools, after starting a sport, shall be ruled ineligible in that sport, but have the right to appeal to the district Athletic Eligibility Committee to be considered for reinstatement of eligibility
                                        The committee will have ten (10) school days to schedule and hear the hardship case.
                                        The Appeal Committee shall be made up of the following;
                                                          Chief of Staff of Human Resources and Student Services
                                                          Two High School Principals whose school are not involved in the transfer of the student.
                                                          Representative from Student Services
                                                          Representative from District leadership team.    
                                        The Appeals committee decision will be final.

    10.) Parents shall refer to the district Educational Choices and Innovation department for the required application for specific rules regarding the process for requesting another school.


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