Spectator Code of Conduct

    In order for this to be a positive experience for all involved, we ask that you remember the reason we attend athletic events: To support our schools, classmates, sons or daughters and enjoy watching the two teams play, including supporting the opponent. Anything that is not in positive support of all players is unsportsmanlike. Instead of making a negative comment, booing, whistling, etc.. turn it into a supportive cheer that will help inspire our players.

    Listed below are some guidelines:
    * Remember that a spectator represents their school and community the same as the athlete does.
    * Learn the rules of the game so you will be an intelligent spectator
    * Recognize and applaud exceptional plays by either team.
    * Be a good host to the visiting team and its spectators.
    * Noise makers will not be allowed in the gymnasiums
    * Respect the officials.


    FHSAA has specific rules to follow and adhear to under Policy 29 (Crowd Control) and 30 (Unsportsmanlike Conduct) for coaches and student athletes.

No Backpacks allowed