Non-Traditional Students

  • Dear Parent of Non-Traditional Student:
    (Home School, Charter School, Alternative School Non Member Private, Florida Virtual School or Osceola Virtual School)

    We here at the School District of Osceola County want to provide you and your family an opportunity to be aware of the procedures that are set forth by our state athletic association (FHSAA) and their mandatory requirements that need to be completed prior to your child participating in athletics for our county.

    Per our controlled open enrollment policy, your child is eligible to participate in athletics at their home zoned school.

    A student: (a) the student must register his/her intent to participate in interscholastic athletics as a representative of the school before.

    Any participation is allowed to begin

    Approved Alternative School – Zenith Career Center.
    Vocational School – NeoCity Academy, PATHS @ Teco and Osceola School of the Arts.

    Are home education students eligible for interscholastic extracurricular activities?

    Yes. Home education students who meet the standards for participation in interscholastic extracurricular activities (s.1006.15 F.S.) and the requirements of the Home Education Program (s.1002.41 F.S.) are eligible.

    A home education student under s. 1002.41 F.S. must submit an annual evaluation to the Superintendent or the home education designee in the county in which the student resides.

    Does home education have to take place solely in the home?

    No. A home education program as defined in s. 1002.01(1) must be directed by the parent. The parent must maintain the portfolio and submit the annual evaluation to the superintendent / designee’s office. However, parents have many educational options from which to choose.

    Are home education students required to declare a grade level to participate in extracurricular activities?

    Yes. To be eligible for extracurricular activities a home education student must declare a grade level when submitting the FHSAA EL7 form Registration Form for Home Education Students to Participate in Athletic Program at Member School are also required to provide proof of immunizations, home address, and GPA.

    Non-Traditional students shall participate, in athletics, at the following locations -
                      1.) Home Education                      Zoned Public School, Charter or Private school (if allowed) or if they attend a minimum of 1 class period, per day, at the choice school for the entire academic school year.
                      2.) Charter School                         Zoned Public School, Charter or Private school (if allowed)
                      3.) Special School                         Any Public School within Osceola County
                      4.) Non-Member Private               Any Public school, charter or Private school (if allowed)
                      5.) FLVS Full time                        Zoned Public School, Charter or Private school (if allowed)
                      6.) Traditional Public                    Any Public School within Osceola County or Private school (if allowed)
                      7.) Public Transfer                        If the student participated in a sport at their previous school, the student could continue to participate in that sport at that school for the remainder of the school year.

    *There are a few steps that will need to take place before any participation may begin in practice or games for your home zoned school.

    1. All Non Traditional Students
      a. Complete online athletic registration at
    2. Home School Students only
      a. Complete online athletic registration at
      b. Completely fill out the FHSAA state required EL 7 Form ( the form must be notarized with transcripts.
      c.  Verify home address. (Driver’s License, Electric Bill, Copy of lease or rental agreement with proof of payments.
      d.  Return completed packet to the home zoned school athletic director.
           i. AD will submit the required information to the FHSAA

    Again, please visit for a complete listing of all athletic sports offered and their start times

    Please contact your home zoned school Athletic Director if you have any further questions.