2023-2024 Route and Rezoning Information

  • Parents, 

    We hope you had a relaxing summer and are ready for the 2023-2024 school year. We have some important information to share with you regarding your child's bus route information, as well as rezoning updates for several schools in our district. 

    Student Route Information

    Student route information will be available on Bus Planner on August 1, 2023. Please use this as a resource before you call Transportation Services as some of your questions may be easily answered through this program. You will need your child's student ID number, name, grade and school to pull up your child's route assignment. Bus Planner will also show you what school zone your home is located in. 

    For this upcoming school year, several schools have been rezoned to accommodate overcrowding and the opening of new schools. The bus routes for this coming school year have been built on this new school zone information. 

    For parents who will be sending their child to Island Village Elementary, please make sure the school administration has your most up-to-date address and emergency contact information. This will make sure your child receives the proper bus assignment. 


    The School Board of Osceola County Schools has approved the rezoning of several schools in our district:

    • Some students from Westside K-8 and Celebration K-8 have been rezoned to Island Village Elementary. 
    • Some students from Celebration High School have been rezoned to Osceola High School.
    • Some students from Harmony High School have been rezoned to Tohopekaliga High School.
    • Some Narcoossee Elementary students have been rezoned to Hickory Tree Elementary.

    Some parents have decided to keep their children at the school they were zoned for during the 2022-2023 school year. If you have filled out the paperwork to keep your child at their school from last year, this is considered a choice school. A choice school means you have opted to send your child to a school your home address is not zoned for. When you choose to do this, then you, as the parent, take on the responsibility of getting your child to and from school. Transportation Services is not responsible for transporting students who have opted to go to schools outside of their zone. 

    Update Contact Information

    The Transportation Services Routing Department makes bus routes and student bus assignments based on the address information the schools have uploaded into the district database. If you have moved over the summer, you MUST go to your child's school to update the contact and address information. You will need two forms of proof that your address has changed. 

    Transportation Services does NOT have the authority to alter a child's emergency contact or address information. This must all be done through your child's school. Again, REMINDER! Transportation Services is not responsible for transporting your child if they go to a school outside of your zone. Four schools are an exception to this rule because students are assigned to these schools by the district: The Osceola County School for the Arts, Zenith Accelerated Learning Academy, New Beginnings School and NeoCity Academy.