• 2-Year Colleges & Technical/Trade Colleges

    These are incredible options for after graduation for many reasons. 

    • The only requirement for enrollment is a high school diploma or GED 
    • They tend to be more affordable than 4-year colleges
    • Short-term training can lead to incredible, well-paying careers 

    An Associate of Arts (AA) degree can help you transfer to a 4-year college, where you'll be able to finish your degree. An Associate of Science (AS) degree or technical certificate can help you launch careers in nursing, ultrasound, radiography, welding, dentistry, cybersecurity, cosmetology, construction, air conditioning, and more! Programs can last anywhere from weeks to years, and put you right into the career of your choice!   

    Finding the Right Program 

     Choosing the right 2-year college or trade school for you comes down to the following questions... 

    1. Does the school have the program you are interested in?
    2. If the career you wish to prepare for has a required certification exam, what does the pass rate look like?
    3. How much does the program cost?
      1. Does the school take FAFSA? And if not, what types of scholarships and financial aid are available to help cover the costs? 
      2. Will you make enough money in the field to pay back any loans you take?  
    4. When is the program you are interested in offered? What does the class schedule look like?
    5. How many graduates are hired in their fields after completing the program? 
    6. What does the future of that particular career look like? Is the industry growing, shrinking, or staying the same? 
    7. If you are hoping to transfer to a 4-year university after completing your 2-year degree - what does support look like to help make sure you are ready to transfer successfully?  
    8. Are there prerequisite classes you need to take before officially starting your program?
      1. Example - if interested in nursing, are there classes you need to take before you can actually apply for/start the nursing program? 

    Valencia CollegeValencia Accelerated Skills Training (AST), and Osceola Technical College are great places to start when considering an education at a 2-year or trade/technical school! Meet with your College and Career Counselor to learn more. 

    How to Apply

    Students apply to 2-year colleges, technical, and trade schools during their senior year. Students should also complete a FAFSA.

    Senior Planning Checklist 

    Seniors - you can use this checklist to help you track your progress toward enrollment in a 2-year, trade, or technical college!