• Students smiling in graduation cap and gown

    Many careers require training obtained through college degrees and trade and technical certificates. There is a training program or degree pathway for everyone that can meet your talents, skills, and career goals. 

    Who chooses college? Students who:

    • Wish to pursue academic studies in an intellectual environment beyond the high school level;
    • Plan to pursue a career or employment opportunity that requires college-level training and skill development;
    • Want to increase their earning potential;
    • Seek a higher quality of life for themselves and their families;
    • Wish to meet new people, explore new interests, and experience success in a college setting; and/or
    • Desire the social and/or career status and mobility often associated with a college education.

    Who chooses a technical or trade school? Students who:

    • Want to focus on career-focused, practical training right away;
    • Enjoy working with their hands; and/or 
    • Want to get into the workforce faster.   

    Both pathways can lead to prosperous, in-demand careers. Students can choose the best path for them, or even combine both types of education! 

Types of Colleges & Universities

  • Florida College System

  • Technical Colleges

  • State University System (SUS)

  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities

  • Hispanic-Serving Institutions

  • Ivy League

Florida's 2 + 2 System

  • Florida is nationally recognized for its highly effective articulation between and among institutions. Students can begin their postsecondary studies at a Florida college and, after earning a 2-year associate degree, transfer to a 4-year degree program at a state university, a Florida college that offers 4-year programs, or a private university.

    Students who choose to transfer to a state university are guaranteed admission, although not necessarily to the university or program of their choice. About 40% of juniors and seniors in the state universities began their postsecondary studies at a Florida college.