Department of Social Services

  • Social Services are a range of public services provided by the Student Services Department. As diverse as enrollment and school social work, all areas of Social Services are designed to assist students to achieve their educational potential.

    School Enrollment
    Requirements for school enrollment can be found in the Resources section of this page

    Florida law requires school enrollment and attendance for those students age 6 to 16. There are serious penalties, including prosecution, if children are not enrolled in school.  District Attendance Assistants are charged with assisting schools in the attendance of students in school.

    Crisis Team
    Our Crisis Team is composed of nationally trained School Social Workers, School Psychologists and district Registered Nurses who work with the district and area schools in the event of a crisis.  A crisis is determined by the requesting school or department and can be but is not limited to the death of a student, death of a teacher, serious accident, area or national crisis event, or weather occurrence.

    School Social Workers
    School Social Workers are professionals who are trained to address the social and emotional issues that can block academic progress.  Through counseling, crisis prevention and intervention activities, they help young people overcome the difficulties in their lives and, as a result, give them a better chance at succeeding in school.  School Social Workers are licensed and/or certified by the state of Florida.

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    Antonia "Toni" Rapinesi
    Supervisor of Social Services

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