Name Email Title
Adrover, Hilda School Psychologist
Aguiar, Angela School Social Worker
Anderson, Juliet School Psychologist
Araque, Deisi Campus Security
Arocha, Monica School Psychologist
Azza-Patel, Savita School Social Worker
Barreiro, Zulma Family Services Records Clerk
Barry, Chloe School Psychologist
Batlemento, Pamela School Psychologist
Bobo, Anthony School Psychologist
Burdue, Angela Coordinator
Burgos, Mareliz Social Services Liaison
Cabrera, Veronica Executive Secretary
Candell, Jeannette Student Placement Tech
Cano, Daniel School Psychologist
Cardona, Alexandra Mental Health Therapist
Ceri, Priscilla School Social Worker
Chavez, Roxana Secretary to Coordinator
Corcoran, Kimberly School Social Worker
Crandall, Nicole School Psychologist
Cruz Molina, Amabel Social Services Liaison
Davis, Nardia School Social Worker
De Jesus, Walkiria School Psychologist
DeBoy, Constance Psychological Services Service Tech
Diaz, Heidy School Social Worker
Donohue, Maureen School Psychologist
Earp, Jill Mental Health Therapist
Fernandez, Jose Mental Health Therapist
Figueroa, Maritza Maritza.Figueroa@osceolaschools.ent School Social Worker
Forsett, Courtney Mental Health Therapist
Franco, Heather School Psychologist
Franklin, Cynthia School Psychologist
Frederick, Kimberly School Social Worker
Fundora, Lorena School Social Worker
Glasscock, Threasa School Psychologist
Gonzalez, Anir School Social Worker
Gonzalez, Sandra School Social Worker
Gonzalez-Soto, Denise Social Services Liaison
Gray, Amber District RN
Green, Melinda District RN
Harlow, Josie School Psychologist
Henderson, Amanda Mental Health Therapist
Hernandez, Arturo School Social Worker
Herrera Rodriguez, Miguel Mental Health Therapist
Hicks Holbrook, Naomi School Psychologist
Hoover, Elaina School Psychologist
Iiames, Kenneth School Relations Specialist
Johnson, Melanie School Social Worker
Kiersten, Kelley School Social Worker
Kucukbutros, Cherie School Social Worker
Lashley, Tessa School Psychologist
Latino, Harmony District RN
Lauria, Michelle School Social Worker
Lomax, Shallondra Mental Health Therapist
Lopez, Gladys Clerk Typist
Lopez, Marilyn District Attendance Assistant
Maher, Valerie School Psychologist
Mayfield-Lane, Brittany Mental Health Therapist
McGee, Christina School Social Worker
McKosky, Lori Student Records/Data Entry Clerk
McMahon, Rhonda Director
Mendez, Jeanette School Psychologist
Mendoza-Nova, Karly School Psychologist- Intern
Meyer, Debbie Accounting Clerk II
Morales, Johnny Mental Health Therapist
Mounet, Olivia School Psychologist
Negron, Mindy School Social Worker
O'Malley, Kathleen School Psychologist
Ovalles, Kaisy School Social Worker
Owah, Doris Mental Health Therapist
Padgett, Hana District RN
Penagos, Suath School Psychologist
Peterson, Elizabeth School Social Worker
Phan, My District RN
Planinz, Tracey School Psychologist
Ponce-Salmon, Consuelo School Social Worker
Porter, Latavis Educational Liaison for Children in Out-of-Home Care
Pratt, Summer Supervisor of Health Services
Quinlan, Ryan School Psychologist
Ramirez Bayon, Zailea School Social Worker
Ramirez, Sandra Secretary II
Rapinesi, Antonia Supervisor of Social Services
Reid, Brenda School Psychologist
Reyes, Christie School Social Worker
Roberts-Martin, Yvonne District LPN
Rodriguez, Ann School Social Worker
Rodriguez, Kimberly School Social Worker
Romero, Lizette Student Registration Tech
Rovira, Linda School Psychologist
Russett, Justyn District RN
Sanchez, Lizanette District RN
Sangiovanni, Lori District RN
Shurba, Deana School Social Worker
Susla, Kremsa School Psychologist
Tirado Pagan, Rebecca Mental Health Therapist
Toledo Santos, Christie School Social Worker
Toro, Maria School Psychologist
Torres, Angel School Social Worker
Ulibarri, Elisa School Psychologist
Villa, Nanette School Psychologist
Walls, Cara Supervisor of Psychological Services
Wellon, Lourdine School Psychologist
Wheeler, Francis Judicial Liaison
White, Kristianna School Social Worker
Wiener-Long, Trecia School Psychologist
Wilkerson, Shaniqua School Social Worker
Woodard, Lorraine District RN
Wooten, Leigh School Psychologist
Zuzock, Michelle Mental Health Therapist