When Visiting The Dual Enrollment Store

  • Secure your service space by entering the virtual line through WaitWhile: Welcome to DE Bookstore | Waitwhile

    1. Once it is your turn, you will receive an email or text notification indicating to enter the bookstore.
      • Please note! If there is a high demand of students on the virtual queue the wait line can reach 2 hours. We suggest to join the line before heading over to the physical store on Bill Beck Blvd then once rang, by email or text notification that it is your turn to enter the bookstore, make your way to the bookstore. If you are in the Waitlist, we are going to serve you the day you join within our hours of operations. Please reach out with any questions to Alida Banegas <alida.banegas@osceolaschools.net>.
    2. Make sure you bring the following: 
      1. SDOC student ID badge or valid photo ID (i.e., Florida Driver's Permit or License) 
      2. Any materials that need to be returned from your previous DE classes. 
      3. Your Atlas username and password.
    3. Sign up for important Dual Enrollment text messages through REMIND. Just text the number 81010 this message: @destu or Click Here.

    Waitlist url: https://waitwhile.com/welcome/sdoc

  • If you are a new student, please complete the "Student Registration Form - Click Here!". Save it as a PDF and send it by email to Alida Banegas <alida.banegas@osceolaschools.net>, title the subject section "New Student Registration - Your name".