Please Remember:

  • No student is authorized to acquire their materials on their own, they must visit the Dual Enrollment Bookstore in order to get their materials.

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      • Students are responsible for picking up their materials.  Family members or friends will not be allowed to pick up materials.  

      • When purchasing items with SDOC funds, it is important to note that they are property of the School District of Osceola County, Florida. Students are responsible for maintaining the materials/books in good condition and returning them once they are no longer needed. Failure to return the items will result in a fee, and the student will be added to an Obligation list.

      • New materials will not be issued if: 
        1. You do not have your approved schedule (PDF VERSION). 

        2. Your identity cannot be confirmed. 

        3. You have not returned all materials from previous DE checkouts from the bookroom and/or mailed them to your home. 

      • All REQUIRED materials (books and access codes) will be provided for the students.  SDOC DE Dual Enrollment Store does not order or issue OPTIONAL textbooks, microphones, headphones, webcams, calculators, or licenses for programs

      • Please keep in mind that if the Valencia College system is not working, we will not be able to assist you. 

      • Your SDOC student Financial Aid must be available in your Atlas account, otherwise we will not be able to assist you either.

      • If the store is already closed, no more materials can be ordered, and the student will be responsible for their own materials.
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