Diagnostic Imaging - Green Imaging


    SDOC has partnered with Green Imaging to provide diagnostic imaging for employees covered under the SDOC health plan* at $0 cost to you.

    For these services, you will not file a claim with your health services plan. Instead, you will receive a voucher when you schedule your service. Simply present the voucher when you arrive for your appointment.

    The Green Imaging Network is made up of high-quality imaging facilities across the nation. In fact, they are many of the same facilities you’d choose for yourself. Green will consider the procedure you need, and find a network facility that is not only close to your home, but has the right type of equipment for the exam your doctor ordered. Your exam will
    be interpreted by the right radiologist too. Radiologists are board-certified, fellowship-trained and include sub-specialists for more complex exams such as neurology, musculoskeletal and oncology.

    *opt out and ineligible employees are not eligible to utilize this service.

    • MRI (Closed & Open)
    • CT
    • PET/CT
    • Ultrasound
    • Nuclear Medicine
    • Mammography
    • DXA
    • X-Ray
    • Other

    How We do it
    So, what’s the catch? There isn’t one. You get the same testing that you get under the SDOC Health Plan but it will cost you nothing. The best part is that by direct contracting for imaging services, SDOC’s Health and Life Insurance
    Trust-Fund (which is used to pay for all medical and pharmacy expenses) saves money too. It’s a win-win situation—for you and our medical plan.

    This is how it works:
    1.  Your doctor has given you an order for diagnostic imaging services.
    2.  Contact Green Imaging:
    TEXT: 713.524.9190
    CHAT: greenimaging.net
    CALL: 844.968.4647
    3.  You will be contacted to schedule your procedure, and will receive a voucher for service.

    At your appointment, show your voucher to the front desk. DO NOT PRESENT YOUR SDOC HEALTH PLAN SERVICES CARD. 

    You will have no co-pay and no after procedure bill. SDOC Life & Health Trust Fund pays 100% of the procedure for members.

    The report from your exam will be sent to your referring doctor.

    Green Imaging