• Financial wellness...what's it worth to you?

    The stresses of life can take many forms, with stress from money concerns ranking at the top of many people's lists year after year.  Whether it's paying down debt, saving for your child's education, or preparing for retirement there is much to be learned on the topic of "Financial Wellness" and these concerns vary by age and stage of life. 


    The School District of Osceola County recognizes the strain this can place on an employee's life and has partnered with MetLife to provide no-cost financial education resources for Staff Members at every stage.  The On Demand, self-paced webinars below provide helpful information geared toward specific periods of life and address how those stages effect your budgets and finances.  These webinars are 30-minutes to 1 hour in length and are a great first step towards more stable financial footing. 

    Florida Retirement Systems (FRS)

    Florida Retirement Systems provides numerous financial planning workshops on topics related to education and retirement planning in addition to workshops designed to help you get the most from FRS investments.  Workshops are between 60 and 90-minutes in length and are no cost to SDOC Staff Members.   

    For more information or to participate in a workshop visit www.myfrs.com/Workshop.htm