Healthy Habits. Super Savings.

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are missing points for a medical screening visit in your Wellness Incentive Account, download the Verified Activities Support Documents Form & Instructions.  Once completed, submit the form and required documentation to the email address listed on the form to receive credit for these visits. 

    Our Council of Kids Who Care said it best: The teachers and staff of the School District of Osceola County deserve all the rewards the world has to offer. That’s why the Even Better You program rewards our faculty in ways beyond health and wellness.

    Schedule a doctor’s appointment? Points. Check in on your finances? More points. Take a mental health class? You got it - even more points! Earn a minimum of ​100 wellness points​ ​by July 31 ​to reap your rewards ​and save money on your insurance premiums ​this fall at the start of the new benefits year! The new Benefit Plan Year begins on October 1st. 

    Included in this section are the complete Program Guide, Upload Instructions (for Verified Activities and COVID cards), and Frequently Asked Questions. 

    What is the Wellness Incentive Program?

    The MyHealics Wellness Incentive Program is a program designed for all Staff Members who are currently enrolled in the District's Health Services Plan to encourage positive, more healthful lifestyle behaviors.  Each of these activities is assigned a point value.  To qualify for the 2023 wellness incentive discount, employees are required to earn a minimum of 100 points by completing Wellness Activities between August 1, 2021 and July 31, 2022.  Covered dependents under your Health Plan are not required to participate in order to receive the discount, but the Primary on the account must achieve the 100 points required.   

    Getting Started:

    Each participant has a secure login to access the MyHealics Dashboard, where you can log Wellness Activities and complete the online Health Assessment.  To qualify for the incentive, all must must be tracked on the MyHealics Dashboard at or using the MyHealics App.  The App can be downloaded using the "Links" section below.  If this is your first time logging in, follow the instructions below.  If you have forgotten your password, use the "Forgot Your Password" function on the Log in Screen to reset it.

    MyHealics App Links

    Download from the App Store (iPhone)

    Download from Google Play (Android)