Healthy Babies Program

  • Preconception Care

    Are you trying to have a baby or are just thinking about it? It is never too early to start planning the most exciting adventure of your life. Employee Wellness now offers a FREE Preconception Educational Booklet with important information about your first preconception visit, prenatal care, tests for reproductive health, folic acid, and the steps you need to take for a healthier you and a baby to be. Also available to you is FREE guidance on maternity and newborn length of stay, Family Medical Leave Act Eligibility and other beneficial medical resources you will want to get familiarized with before you decide to become pregnant.

    Healthy Pregnancy Healthy Babies

    Updated incentive amounts
    The Healthy Pregnancy Healthy Babies Program is designed for District employees and their spouses who are currently pregnant and want to learn more about achieving a healthy pregnancy and delivering a healthy baby. This program offers guidance in prioritizing healthy pregnancy actions while providing critical answers for both planned and unplanned pregnancies.

    You can enroll in the program at any time throughout your pregnancy. Our program is free of charge and in order to be eligible for the cash incentives, you must complete the steps listed on the To-Do-List and submit the information for verification.

    Below is the cash incentive you can qualify to receive based on the stage of your pregnancy that you joined the program:

    • Enrollment into the program before the 12th week of pregnancy
      • up to $100 worth of incentives
    • Enrollment into the program between the 12th and 23rd week
      • up to $50 worth of incentives
    • Enrollment into the program after the 23rd week
      • up to $50 worth of incentives

    Some other perks of the program include free access to a certified health and wellness coach, a registered nurse and a fun baby shower hosted for you and your partner!

To Enroll

  • To enroll in either of these programs contact:
    Risk and Benefits Management at:
    407-870-4899 or