Humana Dental Resources

  • Humana is the new dental provider as of October 1, 2019

    Humana Dental HS195S DHMO - Group ID 830049

    Humana Dental’s HS195S DHMO gives you and your covered family members access to the dental care you need through Humana’s network of quality dentists.
    Each covered family member can choose their own general dentist from the network. If you or your family members should need to seek services from a specialist, NO referrals are required. You simply search for a provider in the network and contact them for an appointment.

    Humana Dental Traditional Preferred PPO - Group ID 830049

    When you enroll in the Humana Traditional Preferred PPO, you and your covered family members can access the dental care you need through Humana Dental’s network of quality dentists.
    You can visit any dentist, both in- and out-of-network, however, in-network providers will almost always be less expensive. You also run the risk of balance billing from out-of-network providers. If you select the PPO option, you’ll then have two options for coverage; either the High option or Low option.

    See the Humana dental booklet for complete details of each plan and how to find a dentist.